Madhavan Mukund

Automata, Concurrency and Timed Systems
Jan-Apr 2010

Automata, Concurrency and Timed Systems

January-April, 2010

Reading material

Distributed Automata

  • Automata on Distributed Alphabets, (PDF, PDF 2-in-1)
    Madhavan Mukund,
    to appear in Deepak D'Souza and Priti Shankar (eds),
    Modern Applications of Automata Theory, World Scientific.

  • Determinizing Asynchronous Automata, (PDF),
    Nils Klarlund, Madhavan Mukund and Milind Sohoni,
    TR TCS-93-5, CMI
    (abridged version appeared in Proc. ICALP 1994)

Regularity and Trace Closure

  • The "last" decision problem for rational trace languages (PDF),
    Jacques Sakarovitch,
    Proc LATIN 1992, Springer LNCS 583, (1992) 460-473.

  • A Note on the Commutative Closure of Star-Free Languages, (PDF),
    Anca Muscholl and Holger Petersen,
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Elementary Net Systems

  • Elementary Net Systems (PDF),
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Petri Nets

  • Place/Transition Nets (PDF),
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  • An Improvement of McMillan's Unfolding Algorithm (PDF),
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Timed Systems

  • A Theory of Timed Automata (PDF),
    Rajeev Alur and David Dill,
    Theoretical Computer Science 126(2) (1994) 183-235.

  • Decision problems for timed automata: A survey (PDF),
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    Patricia Bouyer,
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  • Clocks, DBMs and States in Timed Systems (PDF),
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Hybrid Systems

  • An Introduction to Hybrid Automata (PDF),
    Jean-Francois Raskin,
    in Dimitros Hristu-Varsakelis, William S. Levine (Eds.), Handbook of Networked and Embedded Control Systems Birkhauser (2005), 491-518.

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  • Lazy Rectangular Hybrid Automata (PDF),
    Manindra Agrawal and P. S. Thiagarajan,
    Proc HSCC 2004

Regular event structures

  • Regular Trace Event Structures (PDF),
    P. S. Thiagarajan,
    BRICS Research Report RS-96-32, Aarhus University (1996).

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