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Recent Talks and Conferences

  • AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting, Mobile AL, USA. October 2023.
  • AOWM Inaugural conference, ICTS Bangalore, India. April 2023.
  • A conference in number theory, NISER Bhubaneswar, India. February 2023.
  • The Ramanujan Math Society Symposium, SSN College, Chennai, India. December 2022.
  • Leuca - 2022, Conference celebrating birthdays of Claude Levesque, Damien Roy and Michel Waldschmidt, San Gregorio, Italy, May 2022.
  • University of Rochester Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, Online, January 2022.
  • SFB - Higher Invariants Lecture at University of Regensberg, Online, January 2022.
  • Special functions and number theory seminar, Online, May 2021.
  • University of Iowa GAUSS Seminar, Online, March 2021.
  • Wisconsin Number theory seminar, Online, March 2021.
  • University of Mississippi Number Theory Seminar, Online, March 2021.
  • IMSc Number theory seminar, Online, January 2021.
  • Fields Number Theory Seminar, Online, January 2021. Video Recording
  • TIFR Math student seminar, Online, December 2020.
  • Towson university Number theory seminar, Online, November 2020.
  • Queen's university Number theory seminar, Online, November 2020.
  • CMI Online Seminar Series, May 2020.
  • Early Career Colloquium Lecture Award, UBC, Vancouver, Canada. March 2020.
  • Number Theory Seminar, University of Waterloo, Canada. March 2020.
  • Algebra and Number Theory Seminar, Penn State PA. March 2020.
  • Oberwolfach Workshop on Analytic Number Theory, Oberwolfach, Germany. November 2019.
  • Palmetto Number Theory Series 32, University of North Carolina, Charlotte NC. September 2019.
  • Algebra and Number Theory seminar, Penn State PA. September 2019.