Govind S. Krishnaswami

I am a theoretical physicist. I work at the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) as Associate Professor.

I was a Ramanujan Fellow at CMI, an EPSRC Fellow at Durham University, a Marie Curie Fellow with Gerard 't Hooft at Utrecht and a Ph.D. student of S. G. Rajeev at Rochester.

Email: govind at cmi dot ac point in

Teaching and Student theses/projects

Curriculum Vitae & Publications

Research Interests: Theoretical and Mathematical Physics: Fluid & Plasma Dynamics, Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Large-N limits, Non-linear Dynamics, Integrable Systems

Recent Papers:

  1. On the Hamiltonian formulation, integrability and algebraic structures of the Rajeev-Ranken model
  2. An Introduction to the Classical Three-Body Problem: From Periodic Solutions to Instabilities and Chaos
  3. Classical three rotor problem: periodic solutions, stability and chaos
  4. Stability and chaos in the classical three rotor problem
  5. Conservative regularization of compressible dissipationless two-fluid plasmas
  6. Curvature and geodesic instabilities in a geometrical approach to the planar three-body problem
  7. Algebra and geometry of Hamilton's quaternions
  8. Local conservative regularizations of compressible magnetohydrodynamic and neutral flows
  9. Conservative regularization of compressible flow and ideal magnetohydrodynamics
  10. A critique of recent semi-classical spin-half quantum plasma theories
  11. Higgs Mechanism and the Added-Mass Effect
  12. Comment on "Spin-Gradient-Driven Light Amplification in a Quantum Plasma"
  13. A critique of recent theories of spin-half quantum plasmas
  14. A KdV-like advection-dispersion equation with some remarkable properties
  15. On lightest baryon and its excitations in large-N 1+1-dimensional QCD
  16. Possible large-N fixed-points and naturalness for O(N) scalar fields
  17. Schwinger-Dyson operators as invariant vector fields on a matrix-model analogue of the group of loops
  18. Schwinger-Dyson operator of Yang-Mills matrix models with ghosts and derivations of the graded shuffle algebra
  19. Non-anomalous `Ward' identities to supplement large-N multi-matrix loop equations for correlations
  20. Multi-matrix loop equations: algebraic & differential structures and an approximation based on deformation quantization
  21. Phase transition in matrix model with logarithmic action: Toy-model for gluons in baryons
  22. 2+1 Abelian `Gauge Theory' Inspired by Ideal Hydrodynamics

Other Research Topics: Variational Principle for Large-N Multi-Matrix Models formulated as classical dynamical systems, Approximation methods for Large-N Yang-Mills Theory and matrix models, Non-perturbative structure of Baryons as Solitons in the large N limit of Two-dimensional QCD, Loop space representation of Yang-Mills Theory, Non-commutative Probability Theory.

Office location: Opposite Computer Lab
Postal Address:
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Kelambakkam 603103
Phone: +91-44-7196-1011 or +91-44-2747-0226 ... 0229
Fax: +91-44-2747-0225


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