Govind S. Krishnaswami

I am a theoretical physicist working as a Professor at the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI).

I was a Ramanujan Fellow at CMI, an EPSRC Fellow at Durham University, a Marie Curie Fellow with Gerard 't Hooft at Utrecht and a Ph.D. student of S. G. Rajeev at Rochester.

Email: govind at cmi dot ac point in

Teaching and Student theses/projects

Curriculum Vitae & Publications, Talks

Research Interests: Theoretical and Mathematical Physics: Fluid & Plasma Dynamics, Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Large-N limits, Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos, Integrable Systems

Recent Papers:

  1. Quantum Rajeev-Ranken model as an anharmonic oscillator
  2. The idea of a Lax pair - Part II: Continuum Wave Equations
  3. The idea of a Lax pair - Part I: Conserved quantities for a dynamical system
  4. An introduction to Lax pairs and the zero curvature representation
  5. The Added Mass Effect and the Higgs Mechanism: How Accelerated Bodies and Elementary Particles Can Gain Inertia
  6. Ergodicity, mixing and recurrence in the three rotor problem
  7. Nonlinear dispersive regularization of inviscid gas dynamics
  8. Invariant tori, action-angle variables and phase space structure of the Rajeev-Ranken model
  9. Classical three rotor problem: periodic solutions, stability and chaos
  10. On the Hamiltonian formulation, integrability and algebraic structures of the Rajeev-Ranken model
  11. An Introduction to the Classical Three-Body Problem: From Periodic Solutions to Instabilities and Chaos
  12. Stability and chaos in the classical three rotor problem
  13. Conservative regularization of compressible dissipationless two-fluid plasmas
  14. Curvature and geodesic instabilities in a geometrical approach to the planar three-body problem
  15. Algebra and geometry of Hamilton's quaternions
  16. Local conservative regularizations of compressible magnetohydrodynamic and neutral flows
  17. Conservative regularization of compressible flow and ideal magnetohydrodynamics
  18. A critique of recent semi-classical spin-half quantum plasma theories
  19. Higgs Mechanism and the Added-Mass Effect
  20. Comment on "Spin-Gradient-Driven Light Amplification in a Quantum Plasma"
  21. A critique of recent theories of spin-half quantum plasmas
  22. A KdV-like advection-dispersion equation with some remarkable properties
  23. On lightest baryon and its excitations in large-N 1+1-dimensional QCD
  24. Possible large-N fixed-points and naturalness for O(N) scalar fields
  25. Schwinger-Dyson operators as invariant vector fields on a matrix-model analogue of the group of loops
  26. Schwinger-Dyson operator of Yang-Mills matrix models with ghosts and derivations of the graded shuffle algebra
  27. Non-anomalous `Ward' identities to supplement large-N multi-matrix loop equations for correlations
  28. Multi-matrix loop equations: algebraic & differential structures and an approximation based on deformation quantization
  29. Phase transition in matrix model with logarithmic action: Toy-model for gluons in baryons
  30. 2+1 Abelian `Gauge Theory' Inspired by Ideal Hydrodynamics

Other Research Topics: Variational Principle for Large-N Multi-Matrix Models formulated as classical dynamical systems, Approximation methods for Large-N Yang-Mills Theory and matrix models, Non-perturbative structure of Baryons as Solitons in the large N limit of Two-dimensional QCD, Loop space representation of Yang-Mills Theory, Non-commutative Probability Theory.

Office location: Opposite Computer Lab
Postal Address:
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Kelambakkam 603103
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Fax: +91-44-2747-0225


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