Chennai Mathematical Institute

Grievance Committee

A Grievance Committee at CMI investigates complaints of harassment of any kind. This Committee also serves as the Gender Sensitization Cell mandated by the UGC. The current composition of the Grievance Committee is as follows.

  • C Aiswarya (Convener)
  • Shree Ganesh
  • Nisha John
  • Siddhi Pathak
  • Purusottam Rath
  • Adwitee Roy
  • Shrimadhi Srikanth
  • Dr V Sakthi Rekha, Madras School of Social Work (External member)

This committee will try to address all complaints related to harassment directly, to the extent possible. If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, the committee will pass on recommendations to the Director for punitive action.

If you experience any kind of harassment or unwanted attention, please do not hesitate to approach any member of this committee for advice on how to proceed. This applies to all people on the campus, regardless of gender and regardless of the nature of harassment.

If you are aware of someone else who is the target of harassment but has not reported it, please suggest to them that they should approach this committee, or offer to pass on a complaint on their behalf yourself. For instance, this could apply to contract staff on campus, who may hesitate to come forward to discuss their problems.

Some people (especially students) may feel more comfortable talking about such problems to people outside this committee. This is fine, but it is best if all such complaints eventually reach this committee.

A workshop on gender issues and harrasment was conducted by The Prajnya Trust on November 18, 2017. Based on the inputs given by the participants at the workshop, the following draft documents were created:

These documents will be updated from time to time.

You may contact the Grievance Committee by sending an email to