Chennai Mathematical Institute


Forthcoming Seminars
  • 10-02-23
    Data Science Seminar
    Date: 10/02/2023
    Day: Friday
    Time: 2 to 3 pm
    Venue: NKN Hall
    Approximation of Large Stiff Acausal Models(Abstract)
    Ranjan Anantharaman
    JuliaHub Inc., USA.

  • 14-02-23
    Joint Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium
    Date : 14 February, 2023 Time : 3:30 pm Venue : Seminar Hall
    Marvels and mysteries of rational base numeration systems(Abstract)
    Jacques Sakarovitch
    IRIF, CNRS/ Univ. Paris Cité and Télécom Paris, IPP.

  • 15-02-23
    Lecture Announcement
    Date and time: 15th February, 11:30 am. Venue: Lecture Hall 802
    Fast Multivariate Multipoint Evaluation over Finite Fields(Abstract)
    Sumanta Ghosh
    Caltech, USA.

  • 16-02-23
    Mathematics Colloquium
    Date: Thursday, February 16, 2023
    Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Venue: Room 803, New building
    A tale of universality in planar random growth(Abstract)
    Riddhipratim Basu

  • 16-02-23
    Date: Thursday, 16 February 2023
    Time: 3.30 p.m.
    Venue: Seminar Hall
    Vinberg θ-pairs and Higgs bundles(Abstract)
    Oscar Garcia-Prada
    ICMAT, Madrid.

  • 17-02-23
    Fields Medal Lecture Series
    Date: Friday, February 17, 2023
    Time: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Venue: Seminar Hall
    Theory of phase transitions: a glimpse into the mathematics of Hugo Duminil-Copin(Abstract)
    Riddhipratim Basu

  • 01-03-23
    Mathematics Colloquium
    Date: March 1
    Day: Wednesday
    Time: 3:30 pm
    Venue: Seminar hall
    Minimal elements of Shi regions in affine Weyl groups(Abstract)
    Balthazar Charles
    Universite Paris-Saclay, France.

  • 03-03-23
    Data Science Seminar
    Date: 03/03/2023
    Day: Friday
    Time: 2 pm
    Venue: NKN Hall
    Title: Egocentric Activity Recognition by Subject-Action Relevance(Abstract)
    Snehasis Mukherjee
    Shiv Nadar University.

  • 07-03-23
    Mathematics Colloquium
    Date & Time: March 7, Tuesday, 2 - 3 pm. Venue: Lecture Hall 803
    Game theory, Cones and Positive Operators(Abstract)
    TES Raghavan
    University of Illinois, Chicago.

Past Seminars (this year)
  • 08-02-23
    Mathematics Colloquium
    Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
    Time: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    Venue: Seminar Hall
    Symplectic integrals on the moduli space of rank two vector bundles(Abstract)
    Prof. T. R. Ramadas
    Chennai Mathematical Institute.

  • 06-02-23
    Physics seminar
    Date & Time: Mon 6 Feb 2023; 2.00 pm
    Venue: Lecture Hall 1
    Heterotic Strings on T^3/Z_2, Nikulin Involutions and M-theory
    K.S. Narain
    ICTP Trieste.

  • 02-02-23
    Seminar Announcement
    Date for the seminar : 2nd February
    Time : 11.30 AM
    Venue: Lecture Hall 6
    Constraining tree-level gravitational scattering(Abstract)
    Subham Dutta Chowdhury
    University of Chicago.

  • 27-01-23
    Physics Seminar
    Date/Time: 27th January, 2023, 11 AM
    Venue: Lecture Hall 802
    Systematic generation of the dynamical higher-order topological insulator and superconductor phases in three dimensions(Abstract)
    Tanay Nag
    Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • 24-01-23
    Seminar Announcement
    Date for the Seminar : 24th January, Tuesday Time : 2.15 PM Venue: Lecture hall 6
    Classical Soft factors from Gauge theory Amplitudes
    Akavoor Manu
    Institute of Physics.

  • 23-01-23
    Lecture Announcement
    Date: Monday 23/1/23 at 2:00 pm.
    Venue: Lecture Hall 6
    Testing equality of compressed strings in Randomised NC(Abstract)
    Nikhil Balaji
    IIT Delhi.

  • 20-01-23
    Lecture Announcement
    Time: Friday, January 20, 2023. 9pm IST.
    Mode: Online (via Zoom)
    Hyperbolic Polynomials in Combinatorics and Optimization(Abstract)
    Papri Dey
    Georgia Tech.

  • 18-01-23
    January 18 (Wednesday) 3:30PM
    Seminar Hall
    Towards Building A Scalable Bitvector Model Counter(Abstract)
    Arijit Shaw
    Chennai Mathematical Institute and IAI, TCG-CREST.

  • 18-01-23
    Computer Science Seminar
    Date & Time: 18th January (Wednesday), 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM
    Venue: Lecture Hall 804
    Equivalence and conjugacy of weighted automata(Abstract)
    Jacques Sakarovitch
    CNRS, Télécom Paris, France.

  • 17-01-23
    Lecture Announcement
    Date: 17 Jan 2023 Time: 11:50 am Venue: Lecture Hall 803
    Estimating the size of union of sets in streaming model(Abstract)
    Sourav Chakraborty
    ISI, Kolkata.

  • 13-01-23
    Joint Seminar, CMI and Sai University
    Date and time: Friday, 13 January 2023, 3:30 pm
    Venue: Seminar Hall, CMI
    The evolving arc of blockchain technology and Web3(Abstract)
    John Mitchell
    Stanford University.

  • 13-01-23
    Lecture Announcement
    Date: Friday 13/1/23, 11am -12 noon
    Venue: Lecture Hall 802
    Invariance of Floer cohomology under higher mutation via neck-stretching(Abstract)
    Soham Chanda
    Rutgers University.

  • 12-01-23
    Physics seminar
    Date & Time: Thu 12 Jan 2023 at 11.30am:
    Venue: Lecture Hall 803
    Explorations of Gravitational Entropy(Abstract)
    Ronak Soni
    DAMTP Cambridge.

  • 04-01-23
    Computer Science Seminar
    Date & Time: 4th January, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
    Venue: Lecture Hall 802
    Expressiveness of History-Deterministic Timed Automata(Abstract)
    Sougata Bose
    University of Liverpool.

  • 03-01-23
    Data Science Seminar
    Date: 03/01/2023
    Day: Tuesday
    Time: 2 pm - 3 pm
    Venue: NKN Hall
    Reinventing the Supply Chain with Practical AI: Ten Trends and Lessons(Abstract)
    Sarang Jagdale and Michael Watson
    Lyric, Pune.