Chennai Mathematical Institute

Dr. F.C. Kohli Centre of Excellence

Quantum Computing Semester, January–April 2024

The Dr. F.C. Kohli Centre of Excellence at the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) will host a Quantum Computing Semester from January to April 2024. The programme will consist of five one-week thematic workshops on some of the central areas of quantum computing. The workshops will be organized by leading researchers in the subject areas and will consist of lectures and curated tutorial sessions. In addition, there will be hands on coding sessions to familiarize participants with industry tools for programming quantum computers. The schedule is given below..

The semester is aimed at early career faculty members, post doctoral fellows and PhD students in India working in Mathematics, Computer Science or Physics who wish to get a foothold into the fascinating area of quantum computing. MSc students and undergraduate students with a flair for Mathematics or Computer Science or Physics and with a good academic record will also be considered.

How to apply

Applications are closed. If you are interested in attending a specific workshop, please send an email to with details about yourself, including your academic background, that are relevant to the Quantum Computing Semester.

Note: There is a boot camp to set the stage for newcomers to quantum computing, followed by four workshops on different themes. It is not mandatory to commit to attending all the workshops. In your email, please indicate the workshops that you plan to attend.


  1. Boot Camp, 22–26 January, 2024

    Partha Mukhopadhyay (CMI, Chennai), Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (ICTS, Bangalore), C Ramya (IMSc, Chennai)

    Tentative Content:
    Linear algebra, Randomized algorithms, Complexity theory, Deutsch-Josza algorithm, Super dense coding, Simon's algorithm.

  2. Quantum Computing and Algorithms: 11–15 February, 2024

    Debajyoti Bera, (IIIT Delhi), Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (ICTS, Bangalore), K V Subrahmanyam (CMI, Chennai)

    Tentative Content:
    Grover's algorithm, Amplitude amplification and its applications, QFT, QPE, Quantum eigenvalue estimation, Factoring, Hamiltonian simulation.

  3. Quantum Information: 4–8 March, 2024

    Sayantan Chakraborty (NUS, Singapore), Pranab Sen (TIFR Mumbai), Naqueeb Ahmad Warsi (ISI Kolkata)

    Tentative Content:
    Holovo bound, Schumacher compression, Channel capacity, One shot coding, Rates of codes

  4. Quantum Error Correcting Codes: 15–20 April, 2024

    Prabha Mandayam (IIT Madras), Pradeep Sarvepalli (IIT Madras), Pavithran S Iyer (Xanadu Quantum Technologies)

    Tentative Content:
    Classical versus Quantum error correction, Knill-Laflamme conditions, 3 Qubit code and Shor code, Stabilizer formalism, Fault tolerance.