Madhavan Mukund

Mathematical Logic

Aug-Nov, 2015

Administrative details

  • Evaluation:

    • Assignments 25%, midsemester exam 25%, final exam 50%

    • Copying is fatal.

    • Teaching assistants: Debdyuti Banerjee, Ranadeep Biswas

  • Textbook:

    • There are many, but we won't follow any one book.

    • Initially we will follow these notes: Introduction to Logic

  • Supplementary Reading:

  • How to submit assignments:

    • Submit all assignments on Moodle.

    • Only electronic submissions will be evaluated.

    • You can submit pdf (either generated from a word processor or scanned) or text (use notational conventions similar to the lecture summaries below).

    • Use your CMI login-id to name your submitted file. For instance madhavan.pdf or madhavan.txt

Course plan

  • Propositional and first-order logic: soundness, completeness, compactness, … (Chapters 1 and 4 from the notes Introduction to Logic)

  • Some finite model theory

  • First order arithmetic: decidable fragments, incompleteness

  • Monadic Second Order logic (MSO) over sequences

Lecture summary