Chennai Mathematical Institute


Dr. F.C. Kohli Centre of Excellence

Perspectives in Mathematical Sciences

January 10–February 4, 2022

Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 14:00 IST

Ronak Soni, University of Cambridge

Title How Does Entanglement Build Spacetime? (Video Recording)


Entanglement is a characteristic feature of quantum systems, where different systems have an unreasonable amount of correlation with each other. Recent progress in string theory has brought forward the idea that spacetime --- the very concept of places and times --- is an emergent feature, dictated by entanglement. In other words, "entanglement builds spacetime." I will try to explain what this slogan means, and mention some recent work that aims to dig into the mechanisms behind this emergence --- showing in particular that spacetime is a *coarse-grained* description of microscopic entanglement.

About the speaker

Ronak Soni photo Ronak Soni is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge. Ronak graduated with B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from CMI in 2012 and did his Ph.D. at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) under the supervision of Prof. Sandip Trivedi. He went to hold a postdoctoral position at Stanford University before moving to Cambridge late last year.

Ronak's primary research interests lie in String theory and Quantum Gravity. His recent work has focussed on the gauge-gravity duality and understanding the interplay of geometry and entanglement.