Chennai Mathematical Institute


Dr. F.C. Kohli Centre of Excellence

Perspectives in Mathematical Sciences

January 10–February 4, 2022

Thursday, 13 January 2022, 19:30 IST

Ananth Shankar, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title Special points on moduli spaces (Video Recording)


The study of moduli spaces, and special points in moduli spaces, has been of arithmetic interest. In this talk, I will speak about results pertaining to the algebraic and analytic distribution of special points, and touch upon topics such as the Andre-Oort conjecture, the p-adic distribution of special points, and the p-adic and mod p distribution of isogeny-orbits in these moduli spaces.

About the speaker

Ananth Shankar photo Ananth Shankar is at the Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin at Madison. He graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2012. He received his PhD at Harvard University in 2017 where he worked under the supervision of Prof Mark Kisin. After that he was at MIT as a CLE Moore Instructor until 2020.. His primary interests are in arithmetic geometry and number theory. He has worked on the Arithmetic aspects of Shimura varieties, the Grothendieck-Katz p-curvature conjecture and Arithmetic Statistics.