Chennai Mathematical Institute


Subject : Physics
Date and Time : Monday, 19 September 2022, 11.30 am
Venue : Lecture Hall 4
Quantum entanglement in one-dimensional anyon systems

Ramadas N
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


Anyons are particles that obey general statistics. Studying quantum entanglement in anyons is motivated by its application in topological quantum computation. But, standard methods to quantify entanglement in the case of distinguishable particles fail to work in the case of indistinguishable particles, in particular, anyons.

In this talk, we will discuss the information theoretic approach to give a precise definition of quantum entanglement for indistinguishable particles and use the method to analyze quantum entanglement in systems of one-dimensional anyons.

In this context, the Leinaas-Myrheim model and the one-dimensional anyonic Hubbard model are studied in detail.

All are invited to attend the viva-voce examination.