Chennai Mathematical Institute


Computer Science Seminar
Date: Wednesday, 14 September, 2022.
Time: 19:00 IST
Venue: Online
A Transdisciplinary Systems Perspective for Engineering of Intelligence

Visvanathan Ramesh
Goethe University,Frankfurt.


Significant advances in computational infrastructure, Big data, coupled with advanced machine learning and optimization algorithms are enabling a wide range of AI products and solutions, thus impacting all walks of society. The present wave of artificial intelligence focuses on advancing the design of context dependent, transparent, explainable systems that seamlessly integrate with humans. As engineers try to grow AI systems mimicking human intelligence by combining insights from neuroscience, cognitive sciences, applied mathematics, statistics, physics, biology and evolution, there is a fundamental need for an integrative engineering discipline that brings together transdisciplinary perspectives involving model-based systems engineering, machine learning/AI and brain sciences to pave the way for the design, analysis and validation of complex, distributed and intelligent systems. This talk will provide an overview of systems engineering of intelligence from the speaker's perspective - his early academic research during AI winter focusing on performance modeling of vision, as an R&D leader in Siemens Corporate Research focusing on systematic engineering of vision systems, and finally as an academic at Goethe University, Frankfurt, leveraging transdisciplinary perspectives for advancing understanding systematic engineering of safe AI in the modern context.