Chennai Mathematical Institute


Date and Time: Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 18:00 IST (online)
Reflection in concurrent computation and other formalisms

Lucius Greg Meredith


In this talk we show how reflection simplifies not only popular computational calculi like the pi-calculus, but also simplifies models of set theory such as Frankl-Mostowski set theory that have become so popular in modeling nominal computation models.

The research space can be gleaned from the papers at

About the speaker:

Lucius Gregory (Greg) Meredith is the president of the RChain Cooperative ( ). Greg is a mathematician, and the discoverer of rho-calculus which is a reflective extension of pi-calculus, a co-inventor of OSLF (Operational Semantics in Logic Form), and the inventor of the ToGL approach to graph theory. Greg was the architect of the Microsoft Biztalk software.