Chennai Mathematical Institute


CMI Arts Initiative: Online Talks and Readings 2021
Date and time: Monday, 12 July 2021, 18:30 IST
Translation as an Act of Reading: Valmiki's Ramayana

Arshia Sattar



What draws writers, scholars and readers to the Ramayana? What philosophical questions does this rich text throw up? How does reading and translating the Ramayana shape one's life and belief systems? Arshia Sattar speaks to K Srilata about her life's work - translating Valmiki's Ramayana and of working within the broad story traditions of the Indian sub-continent.

About the speaker:

Arshia Sattar works with myth, epic and the story traditions of the sub-continent, most especially with the Sanskrit Ramayana of Valmiki. Her abridged translation of that text has remained continuously in print since 1996. Her most recent publications include Maryada: Searching for Dharma in the Ramayana (Harper Collins) and The Mahabharata for Children (Juggernaut). She also writes on books and literature for various magazines and publications, in India and abroad.