Chennai Mathematical Institute


Data Science Colloquium
Date: June 11th, 2021
Day: Friday
Time: 2 pm to 3 pm
A Comprehensive Study of Server Failures & Tickets using Advanced Statistical & Machine Learning Techniques

Rick Sarkar
Senior manager and the lead data scientist, Genpact, Bengaluru.


Communication Industry vastly depends on servers and the Internet connectivity. If a server fails, finding the root cause of failure takes time and becomes expensive. In the last decade, Server Failure Prediction (SFP) has gained a lot of popularity and thus now has become one of the most vibrant field of research. The industry faces sever failures even after adopting various techniques to improve connectivity. In this paper, we have deep dived into various possibilities of server failure using different advanced statistical and machine learning models. This helped us in detection of the root cause of a failure in real time and predict the possibility of a failure/crash well before it happens.

About the speaker: Rick Sarkar has 12+ years of experience in building Data Science based solutions across verticals. His specialization areas are Classification and Regression techniques, Forecasting techniques and Optimisation based models.