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CMI Arts Initiative Online Talks and Readings 2021
Date and time: Monday, 12 April 2021, 21:00 IST
Beethoven: How to Think About the Making of an Artist

Ruth Padel
Professor of Poetry, King's College London.


Ruth Padel will read from her new collection "Beethoven Variations - Poems on a Life". The poems describe Beethovan's early psychological and emotional shaping, the onset and effects of deafness, his ambivalent relations with his patrons, his failures in love, both with women as well as with Karl, the nephew he adopted as his son.

About the speaker:

Ruth Padel is an award-winning British poet with close ties to Greece, classical music and wildlife conservation, author of twelve acclaimed poetry collections and a wildlife novel set in India. Her non-fiction includes a book on tiger conservation and books on ancient Greek drama. She is Professor of Poetry at King's College London and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Awards include First Prize in the National Poetry Competition and her poems have appeared in New York Review of Books, London Review of Books, New Yorker, Times Literary Supplement and Guardian. She grew up playing classical music on viola and piano; the first money she ever earned was 5 pounds for playing viola in Westminster Abbey. She lives in London and is currently writing a book on elephants. Her website is