Chennai Mathematical Institute


Data Science Colloquium Series
2 pm - 3pm, NKN Hall
The 1,2 & 3s of a data product

Sanjoy Bose
Sahaj Software, Chennai.


A data product’s value is derived out of the data it uses. A successful data product helps to improve business decisions or make new decisions using the inferences derived from the data it uses and thereby helps generate new revenue stream for the business. Data is therefore an extremely powerful tool but it is also overwhelming many times; Building a right data product which helps business to achieve these goals can be enormously challenging.

In this talk, we will discuss the challenges to deal with data; identifying the right business problems to solve; select, curate appropriate data and build the right architecture to bring out the most important and relevant insights. We will discuss the challenges of applying data science to solve real world problems in a quicker time-to-market approach that helps the business to achieve their goals. We will use multiple case studies to describe the approaches.

About the speaker: Sanjoy Bose is a technology fan and is extremely passionate about building products and solutions which are loved and used by users everyday. For over two decades, he has worked in various roles and responsibilities across engineering, product management, customer solutions & support etc architecting and building internet scale systems. Prior to Sahaj he has worked at Hike, Apigee, Yahoo and several other startups both in India and US. He is a champion of usage of data to drive business decisions and in his roles in Yahoo, Apigee and Hike he built and led the data and analytics team building multiple data products and systems and help drive adoption of data driven culture across the teams and the customers.