Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 pm, Lecture Hall 1
Parameterized tests of the multipolar structure of compact binary inspiral

Dr Shilpa Kastha
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Hannover, Germany.


We propose a model-independent method to test general relativity by parametrizing the gravitational waveform in terms of the multipole moments within the Post-Newtonian (PN) framework. We derive the parametrized multipolar gravitational-wave phase evolution for compact binaries in quasi-circular orbit, including spin effects in the inspiral dynamics and deviations to the PN coefficients in the conserved energy. We assume that the companion spins are either aligned or anti-aligned with respect to the orbital angular momentum. We find that LISA can measure the first 4 leading order multipole coefficients with reasonable accuracies for an observation time of one year. Our waveforms could be used to investigate any deviations of the multipole coefficients from GR using data from current and future observing runs.