Chennai Mathematical Institute


CMI Arts Initiative Lecture
2:15 pm, Lecture Hall 4

Kenneth Krabat



Kenneth Krabat is a Danish writer and has been at CMI for over a month now.

Kenneth has 24 works with ISBN, but within that 800 poems online and 400+ readings online. His work has been translated into 6 languages, or ALL, depending ("A book for every language" as the publisher boasted of one of his book, DRAMATIS PERSONAE). He writes mostly poetry, but also does drama, audio modulation, spoken w music, science fiction shorts, visual narrative, audio docu, html writings, essays, and recently poetry collaborations. When he needs money or relevant diversion, he manages to find translations. In idle times he does lists in aid of poets (and teachers) - listing "year of poetic debut in own book", poetry publishers, publishers publishing poetry debutants, poetry stages, magazines publishing or writing about poetry, and recidencies for writers - and after 12 years he has now retired from voluntary assistance in the Danish Authors' Union both managing and simply working for the poetry division. He is presently working on a 1200+ long list of questions about poetry and poets meant for nerds, teachers and those always asking, “So, can you live off of writing poetry?", and has recently finished a collection of relational poetry and a collection of poetic time travel-between-selves.

In 2014 he was awarded the Spoken Poetry Award for his reading work, and in 2019 he was voted the year's best scifi-short story writer.

He says his poetry is about just a few things: proces orientated exploration of methods, naming the world, and the dynamics of what humans call "love". His science fiction mostly explores alienation among aliens. And this will most likely be the essence of his talk.