Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 pm, Lecture Hall 803
Generalised Garfinkle-Vachaspati Transform

Deepali Mishra
NISER Bhubaneshwar.


The Garfinkle-Vachaspati transform was developed in the year 1990 as a wave generating technique. By applying Garfinkle-Vachaspati transform on an appropriate background one can add travelling wave deformations. The technique requires a background metric that admits a null, hypersurface orthogonal, Killing vector. We have generalised this method to include supergravity solutions where the null, Killing vector is not necessarily hypersurface orthogonal. We have studied the generalised Garfinkle-Vachaspati transform of a class of smooth, supersymmetric D1-D5-P solution and vibrating string (F1-P) solution.