Chennai Mathematical Institute


9:30 am, Seminar Hall
Modeling Distributed Algorithms by Local Computations with Applications

Mohamed Mosbah
LaBRI, University of Bordeaux.


Problems related to distributed systems are a major concern of research in computer science. We can particularly mention the design and the development of distributed architectures or distributed programming environments, the specification and the verification of distributed algorithms, as well as the study of communication networks. For the success of all those undertakings it is crucial to master the mechanisms and small-scale phenomena at the foundations of such systems. This requires the investigation into different models of distributed computation, the development of auxiliary software tools for the visualization and empirical validation of those models, and the technical expertise for the deployment of distributed systems and platforms. This talk will present a local computations model that encodes distributed algorithms. Such a model is suitable for using formal and rigorous proofs of distributed algorithms. It can be used both for proving the correctness of specific algorithms and also for showing simulation and transformation between classes of algorithms. Moreover, based on this model, an integrated environment for implementing and experimenting distributed algorithms will be presented. Many examples of distributed algorithms will be given to illustrate the approach.