Chennai Mathematical Institute


11.30 am, Lecture Hall 5
Reconstruction of local bulk physics in AdS/CFT

Subho Roy
IIT Hyderabad.


I will give an overview of the program pioneered by Hamilton, Kabat, Lifschytz and Lowe (HKLL) to derive local bulk physics from the boundary CFT, known as the HKLL smearing function/map. Using the sole criterion of bulk locality in the form of bulk microcausality, I will first reconstruct a local scalar field operator in pure AdS in terms of smeared CFT operators in the planar limit i.e. free fields limit. Then, I will describe how to include non-planar corrections (interactions). Following this, I will turn to higher spins (spin-1 and 2) and describe how the map needs to be adapted to take into account bulk gauge invariance. I will also discuss implications for Black Hole Physics, namely the information paradox and singularity resolution. Finally I will talk a new alternative construction/interpretation of the map based on entanglement structure of the CFT state. If time permits I will also discuss relations to other approaches of (local) bulk reconstruction.