Chennai Mathematical Institute


11.00 a.m., Seminar Hall
Dualities in Mathematics and Physics

Peter Bouwknegt
Australian National University.


Prof Peter Bouwknegt from Australian National University ( ) is planning a visit to Chennai on 13th April (Friday) and has requested a meeting with Chennai Mathematical Institute to learn more about CMI, develop research collaborations and explore joint programs/Dual-PhDs. Prof Peter would be delivering a guest lecture/masterclass to students.

Interested students are requested to assemble at 11.00 a.m. on Friday, 13th April at the Seminar Hall to listen to the presentation.

In this talk I will review some geometric analogues of  the Fourier transform, which arise in String Theory under the  name of ‘dualities’.  In particular, I will discuss global aspects  of T-duality and mention some recent generalisations.  T-duality has important applications in different areas of mathematics, such as in differential geometry, algebraic topology, operator algebras, noncommutative geometry, as well as in physics.   This is a talk aimed at non-specialists and will include many examples.