Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 pm, Seminar Hall
Silicon to semiconductor: A journey through Machine Learning, Algorithms, Physics and Software

Jagdish Saraswatula
KLA Tencore, Chennai.


Chip manufacturing is an intricately woven ecosystem. The defect inspection and metrology groups are the eyes and ears of this complex system that help troubleshoot process excursions and improve device yield.

The talk would predominantly focus on the science of ‘sub diffraction’ wavelength imaging and defect inspection. It would introduce the listener to the semiconductor ecosystem and introduce the world of wafer inspection.

The defect detection and the confirmation of the same via review tools involves a lot of technique that include physics(optics) of the tool, software and algorithms for image processing and the application of Machine Learning to address some of the most challenging problems in this process.

About KLA-Tencor:

It is one of the technology leaders in this domain and has provided this industry with tools & processes that harness the best of: Mathematics, Physics, Algorithms, ML and Software capabilities fuelled by human insight and understanding.