Chennai Mathematical Institute


2:00 pm, Seminar Hall
Biosynthetic Infochemical Communication

Shannon B Olsson
NCBS, Bangalore.


Our world is made of chemistry. Chemicals are fundamental units of life, and all life, from fungi to elephants, use chemicals to communicate with their world. Yet, while our digital world is dominated by electronic communication, chemicals are the ubiquitous language of nature. What if we could connect our digital world more intrinsically to nature through infochemical communication? Here I will discuss the culmination of 54 months of research uniting chemists, biologists, and engineers with a single overarching objective: to establish the first technological vision for biologically-based information and communications technology. Our work not only provides a proof-of-concept for a new form of ICT, but also describes several breakthroughs in the fields of biochemistry, micro-bioreactor technology, biosensors, neuroscience, and neuroengineering.