Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 pm, Seminar Hall
How much will it rain in July 2018?

Srinivas Bhogle
Honorary Scientist, CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute.


We ask a lot of questions in India about the summer monsoon, and get a lot of answers. But are these answers good? Are they valid? Is it even possible to give good answers?

I will turn into an angry (old) man as we discuss these questions and answers. Eventually, we will suggest that it is time to make a paradigm shift. All those models - so hateful of El Nino, and so much in love with La Nina - may not be able to provide good answers. But truthful data analysis just might!

This is what they taught us back in the Indian Statistical Institute. And no one taught it better than our dear Professor Thriyambakam Krishnan who we are delighted to greet as he turned 80 last week.