Chennai Mathematical Institute


2:00 p.m., Seminar Hall
Another look on traditional geometric art: Pattern morphogenesis, link with the quasicrystals, contribution to a revival

Jean-Marc Castera
A Mathematician and an Artist.


Pattern morphogenesis

Quick presentation of the Western and Persian traditional styles of Geometric Patterns (Octagonal family in Morocco and Andalusia, Pentagonal family in Iran). We show how those complex patterns can be seen as coming from very simple transformations acting on simple primitives shapes.

Link with the quasicrystals

Exploration of the potential of those patterns in respect with the concepts of self-similarity, fractals and non-periodic patterns. We then try to clarify the controversial relationship with the quasicrystals. We discuss the question of the 2-level patterns in Iran, and give some solutions for its generalization.

Contribution to a revival

Research for new evolutions, experiences in modern architecture. Presentation of my work in the Emirates with the architect Norman Foster (Abu Dhabi New Central Market, Masdar Institute of Technology...). Connexions between traditional geometric art, quasicrystals, and non periodic patterns.