Chennai Mathematical Institute


3:30 pm, CMI Auditorium
The 'Subject' of(to) Caste

Rajamanickam Azhagarasan
English Department, Madras University.


The talk intends to show the nature and function of caste in the light of 1. the studies on caste outside India 2. within India and 3. the contemporary experience. It will begin with a distinction between the study of Dalit and study of caste, and will try to reflect upon our contemporary experience.

The talk has three parts : first part of the lecture will discuss the national(1991), international(2001) interests on the study of caste. The Second part will highlight the two different perceptions of caste as found in Gandhi and Ambedkar. The third part will discuss the uniqueness of caste in the Tamil culture.


About the speaker:

R. Azhagarasan holds PhD in Comparative Literature (Tamil-English-Folklore) and teaches at the Dept of English, University of Madras. He has published articles on issues of cultural politics in national and international journals both in Tamil and English. He has written about the Tamil Translations of Alice in Wonderland for the 150th year celebration of the novel. He has translated (from Tamil to English) a collection of the Critical writings of a dalit activist, Ravikumar as Venomous Touch, published in Calcutta: Samya, 2009. He co-edited with Ravikumar, The Oxford Anthology of Tamil Dalit Writing, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012. He has translated (from English to Tamil) the `Oxford Short Introduction to Poststructuralism' by Catherine Belsey, published by Adayalam publishers, 2009. He has edited an anthology on the concept of 'Bakhti' in Tamil culture. His Tamil writings appeared as Utpagai Unarum Tharunam, chennai: Parisal publication, 2017.