Chennai Mathematical Institute


11.30 am, Seminar Hall
Using Supersymmetry to create Many Body Localized Phases

Pramod Padmanabhan
Institute for Basic Science, South Korea.


Equilibration in closed quantum systems is a long standing issue which has recently regained interest. The notion of typicality ensures that quantum states we use to measure expectation values match with the thermal values, and this lead to the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis (ETH). However there are quantum systems where this fails, a standard example being integrable models hosting non-thermal states. By introducing disorder in such systems the transport properties can be altered, a feature seen in Anderson Localization. If we bring this transport to zero we are essentially dealing with a system with Local Integrals of Motion (LIOMs) which brings us to the idea of Many Body Localized (MBL) states. We will show how 0 + 1 dimensional SUSY algebras can be used to create many body systems with LIOMs and compute the out-of-time ordered correlators (OTOCs) to confirm the existence of MBL states in such systems.