Chennai Mathematical Institute


11.00 am, Lecture Hall 804
M.Sc Thesis Defence
Monodromy of fibred knots

Diptaishik Choudhury
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


We will construct a class of fibred knots as branched covering space of braids with the property that the braid closure is interchangeable with the braid axis. We will draw conclusions about the pseudo -Anosov nature of the monodromies and also the genus one fibrations of the knots in this setup. As a result we explicitly compute and draw conclusions about the fibration and monodromy of some classical fibred knots, which arise as a special case. We further give an outline as to how to we can generalize this technique for other classes of knots with given braid representations. If time permits we can further discuss the implications of the pseudo-Anosov nature of the monodromy, as mentioned above.