Chennai Mathematical Institute


11:30 am, Seminar Hall
Lectures on Certain Conceptual and Computational Problems in Classical Physics

A Thyagaraja
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


In this set of Lectures, I would like to explore some interesting and profound problems of Classical Physics in an elementary way. The topics covered would include some key ideas of charged particle dynamics and methods used to solve problems computationally. Key ideas of computational physics will be illustrated with simple examples. I shall then take up the as yet unsolved problems of fluid turbulence with many examples. If time permits, I propose to consider the problem of deriving the classical equations of continuum gas dynamics from the fundamental principles of mechanics. A very simple model is used to illustrate the conceptual issues relating thermodynamics and mechanics which were first solved by Maxwell and Boltzmann.

The first lecture will be on Wednesday 8 Nov, 2017 at 11:30 am.