Chennai Mathematical Institute


2 pm - 3:15 pm, Seminar Hall
Drone applications - insights into some of the computational challenges

Mughilan T. R.
CEO, Skylark Drones, Bengaluru.


About the talk:

The talk aims to shed light on the role of mathematics in drone applications.

About Skylark Drones:

An enterprise drone solutions company that enhances the productivity, reach and security of growth engines such as mining, infrastructure, and utilities. We do this by combining the power of cloud-based intelligence with system-integrated Unmanned Aerial Systems for every sector. From estimating overburden volumes to enhancing mine productivity to capturing 3-Dimensional geospatial data for transparent planning of highways and SEZs, Skylark Drones covers a scalable solution platform that can disrupt the way we plan and manage the pillars of the modern economy.