Chennai Mathematical Institute


Math MSc/PhD Research Seminar on Nov 7,8,9,11
3.30 pm, Seminar Hall
Maximal existence time for K\"{a}hler-Ricci flow

Akashdeep Dey
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


Ricci flow, introduced by Richard Hamilton has been found to be a very powerful tool for solving many problems in Riemannian geometry (including Poncar\'{e} conjecture). But very little is known about behavior of Ricci flow on a general Riemannian manifold of dimension greater than 4. However, if one considers Ricci flow on K\"{a}hler manifold, much more can be said. I will talk about a theorem which characterizes the maximal existence time for K\"{a}hler-Ricci flow in terms of simple cohomology condition of the initial metric.