Chennai Mathematical Institute


3:30 pm, Seminar hall
Archiving and collecting - Meaning and method; purpose and uses

S.L. Narasimhan


S.L. Narasimhan is a Maths graduate from Madras University. He has a 20+ years of experience in Advertising and Marketing the world' best tehnology company - Intel to heavy engineering company BHEL. During these years his search for relevant information and archives prompted him to do something purposeful. His close interactions with hardcore techies in Intel, Microsoft gave him a clear understanding of the power of technology. So he wanted to use technology as the tool to create services for the community at large. At that time he had a fairly good collection of Indian Fine Arts performances. He co-founded Sangeethapriya an online music sharing and discussion portal. He acquired skills in audio recording and is striving to attain some credibility in recording live performances in multitrack.