Chennai Mathematical Institute


12.00 noon, Seminar Hall
Quantum Black Holes and Gravity from the Lattice

Anosh Joseph
DAMTP, Cambridge University, U.K.


Gauge/gravity duality conjecture connects systems of D-branes and black hole geometries at finite temperature to maximally supersymmetric and strongly coupled finite temperature gauge theories. Certain classes of supersymmetric theories including the well known N=4 Yang-Mills, that takes part in the duality, can be formulated on the lattice using the techniques of exact lattice supersymmetry. In this talk I will provide the constructions of such gauge theories and describe how great ideas such as topological field theories, Dirac-Kahler fermions and geometric discretisation all come together to create lattice super Yang-Mills theories that are exact-supersymmetric, gauge-invariant, local and doubler-free. Such theories can be simulated using lattice QCD algorithms to probe their non-perturbative regimes and provide insight into the nature of quantum black holes and gravity.