Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.45 p.m., Lecture Hall 5
Linear matrices and their applications to semi-invariants of quivers

Vishwambara Makam
University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, USA.


For a rational representation of a reductive group, the ring of polynomial invariants is finitely generated by the results of Hilbert, Nagata and Haboush. In general, it is difficult to obtain strong upper bounds on the degrees of generators. It turns out that modulo standard results in invariant theory, obtaining good bounds boils down to some interesting linear algebra.

Inspired by the work of Ivanyos, Qiao and Subrahmanyam, I'll discuss our recent results on linear matrices, and demonstrate how these results give bounds on the degree of generators for rings of semi invariants of quivers. This is joint work with Harm Derksen.