Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 pm, Seminar Hall
M.Sc. Thesis Defense
A cellular model for configuration space of points on a graph

Abhishek Khetan
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


It is a well-known theorem in the field of combinatorial algebraic topology that if we have a regular CW complex structure on a topological space $X$, then the geometric realization of the face poset of $X$ is homeomorphic to $X$. Thus the topology of a regular CW complex can be combinatorially captured. Of course, if $X$ is not compact, then we cannot have a finite CW complex structure on $X$. Recently, by relaxing the definition of a CW complex, Dai Tamaki has proved an analogous result which combinatorially captures the homotopy type of a possibly non-compact space $X$.

In this talk I will present the main theorem of Tamaki and discuss its application to the field of motion planning for automated guided vehicles.