Chennai Mathematical Institute


Math MSc/PhD Research Seminar on Nov 7,8,9,11
3.30 pm, Lecture Hall 801
Multi-point Seshadri constants on ruled surfaces

Alapan Mukhopadhyay
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


The notion of the Seshadri constant was defined by Demailly as a measure of local positivity of a line bundle on a projective variety. The foundational idea lies in a theorem of Seshadri which gives a criterion for ampleness. It turns out that computing Seshadri constants is not easy. In this talk, first, we will discuss definition and basic facts related to multi-point Seshadri constants. Then, we will make precise calculation of multi-point Seshadri constants on ruled surfaces under some hypothesis and mention a lower bound for multi-point Seshadri constants on rational ruled surfaces. This is a joint work with Krishna Hanumanthu.