Chennai Mathematical Institute


4.00 pm, Seminar Hall
Math meets the real world

Po-Shen Loh


About the Speaker: The speaker is a faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in Mathematics. His area of research is probabilistic and extremal combinatorics.

He is also the team leader of the American team at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Website of speaker:

TITLE: Math meets the real world

ABSTRACT: How can we increase interest in mathematics worldwide? The speaker will draw from experience as the National Coach of the USA Math Olympiad team, teaching mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, and running an educational technology startup - crowdsourcing math and science lessons at The talk will discuss some independently interesting mathematical problems (which touch the realm of advanced Combinatorics), as well as strategies and observations which the speaker has gathered from working all along the mathematical spectrum between research and education. All are welcome to attend: students, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts.