Chennai Mathematical Institute


3:30 pm, Seminar Hall
Stillness, Motion and Shared Dreams in Writing and Translation

N S Koenings
Writer in residence at Chennai Mathematical Institute.


This is the first of two talks planned by N S Koenings, a writer in residence at CMI.

N.S. Koenings will discuss the role of 'patient eyes,' concrete detail and imaginative (and imaginary) collaboration in her work as a fiction writer and Swahili literary translator. She will read an excerpt from her novel-in-progress 'Goatsong,' set on a small island off the East African coast, and from her translation of Tanzanian writer Emmanuel Mbogo's 1989 novel 'Kidneys to Spare' (Vipuli vya Figo), which explores the black market in vital organs.

About the speaker.

N.S. is a fiction-writer and visual artist. Her novel, The Blue Taxi, was published in 2006 by Little, Brown and Company, followed by her short story collection, Theft, in 2008. Holder of a Dutch passport, she was born in Belgium and grew up in East Africa and Europe, Spends most of her time thinking about money, love, empire, the nature of evil, and the concept of ‘the nation,’ . She is currently based in the USA.