Chennai Mathematical Institute


2:00 pm, Seminar hall
"Mesoamerica Resiste"

Norman Tyler
Beehive collective organization.


About Norman Tyler:

Norman Tyler is with the beehive collective organization. This is what they have to say to say about themselves:

The Beehive Design Collective is a wildly motivated, all-volunteer, activist arts collective dedicated to „cross-pollinating the grassroots‰ by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. We work as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, shared with us through conversations with affected communities.

With huge "portable murals" and a slideshow that zooms in on all the dizzying details, the Bees' mission is to "cross-pollinate the grassroots," drawing audiences together around common experiences and hopeful possibilities for collective action.

About the talk:

Norman Tyler will show the images titled "Mesoamerica Resiste" - about resistance movements in Central America, especially what tribal peoples are doing to protect their land, communities, and culture from industrial development projects and other corporate take-overs.

Project Mesoamerica (formerly Plan Puebla Panama), a development project of unprecedented scale, aims to colonize and transform the land from Mexico to Colombia in the interest of building infrastructure to facilitate resource extraction and create moreˇ global trade routes... just as early European monarchies set out to do more than 500 years ago.

Plan Mesoamerica would cause devastating habitat loss for migratory species whose ranges span from the Arctic to the Antarctic, displace Indigenous Peoples from their lands, and accelerate urbanization, poverty, and cultural homogenization. But there is good news too - we highlight the countless stories of inspiring, courageous and creative resistance throughout the region.