Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 PM, Seminar Hall
Introduction of T_{ik}: Einstein’s Real‘Biggest Blunder’?

Ram Gopal Vishwakarma
Zacatecas University, Mexico.


A novel perspective on the source of curvature/gravitation in the solutions of Einstein's field equations is provided, which reveals that the energy-momenta-angular momenta of the gravitational and the material fields are built-in ingredients of the geometry of the canonical field equations R_{ik} =0 and the energy-stress tensor T_{ik} is a redundant part of Einstein's equations. Baffling as it may seem, nevertheless the new discovery appears as a linchpin for understanding many unresolved problems of GR in a unified manner. Moreover, the new paradigm gets strong support from observations ranging from the solar system to the Universe without requiring the usual epicycles (inflation, dark matter and dark energy) of the standard paradigm and circumvents the flatness, horizon and the cosmological constant problems [Res. Astron. Astrophys., (2013) 13, 1409]. Thus it explains, in a natural way, the extra-ordinary coincidences discovered recently in the framework of Milne model [Phys. Scripta, (2013) 87, 055901].

The new paradigm also provides a satisfying explanation to the curved Ozsvath-Schucking solution, which has remained unexplained in the absence of Tik and singularity (the conventional sources of curvature) and poses an unrealistic situation of creating a genuine gravitational field without any source!

It appears that the introduction of the cosmological constant was not the `biggest blunder' Einstein ever made. Rather it was the introduction of the energy-stress tensor in his equations through which the source of gravitation/curvature is represented. This became the source of various problems, inconsistencies and unsolved puzzles in his theory, which are generally overlooked.