Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 pm, Seminar Hall
What can Gravitational Waves tell us about Short Gamma Ray Bursts

K.G. Arun
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are among the brightest explosions in our universe. Based on the duration of the burst, they are classified into Short Gamma Ray Bursts (SGRBs) and Long Gamma Ray Bursts. Strongest candidate progenitor for SGRBs is mergers of two neutron stars or a neutron star and a Black Hole. If this is the case, one would expect an associated gravitational wave (GW) emission from these mergers which may be observed by in the near future by GW interferometers such as advanced LIGO and advanced Virgo. In this talk, I will discuss various implications of the joint observations of SGRBs and associated GWs for astronomy and fundamental physics.