Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 p.m.
Cricket Analytics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dr Srinivas Bhogle
Director, India operations, TEOCO Software pvt Ltd.


Cricket `statistics' are well over a century old, but cricket `analytics' became serious business barely two decades ago with the many initiatives to devise rain rules in ODI cricket. We still haven't gotten very far: baseball, American football, tennis, golf and basketball are today much better analyzed.

All this will hopefully change with big money entering the game, and big data beginning to dominate the planet. This will lead to big changes (think DRS), big opportunities and, hopefully, big rekindled enthusiasm for the game. We'll talk of D/L and Jayadevan, of team and player ranking schemes, of ways to measure the efficacy of DRS, of the intriguing pressure index and paisa vasool index, of the sense and nonsense around IPL player auctions, of how the Bayes theorem may nail that big lie about Tendulkar, and of how big data may one day indeed offer verifiable evidence of match fixing.