Chennai Mathematical Institute


12.00 noon
Temporal Logics for Concurrent Recursive Programs: Satisfiability and Model Checking

Aiswarya Cyriac
LSV, ENS Cachan, France.


We develop a general framework for the design of temporal logics for concurrent recursive programs. A program execution is modeled as a partial order with multiple nesting relations. To specify properties of executions, we consider any temporal logic whose modalities are definable in monadic second-order logic and that, in addition, allows PDL-like path expressions. This captures, in a unifying framework, a wide range of logics defined for words, ranked and unranked trees, nested words, and Mazurkiewicz traces that have been studied separately. We show that satisfiability and model checking are decidable in EXPTIME and 2EXPTIME, depending on the precise path modalities.

This is a joint work with Benedikt Bollig, Paul Gastin and Marc Zeitoun.