Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.45 p.m.

K Srilata
IIT Madras and Chennai Mathematical Institute.


K Srilata will read from her work-in-progress: a novella tentatively titled "Rain Bagchi, Wannabe Writer" and a set of poems.

"Rain Bagchi, Wannabe Writer"

Rain Bagchi, an English Studies lecturer, dreams of becoming a published writer. But the tyrannical new head of the Department of English, Knowledge University, where she teaches has made up his mind to introduce a teaching programme in Cultural Studies. It is a move that is resented by all his colleagues, by Rain most of all, because it will put a stop to her already fragile writing career. Raman, her quixotic, unambitious colleague, is upset for altogether different reasons. A comic novella, "Rain Bagchi: Wannabe Writer", traces the intense dynamics that play out in the theatre that is academia.

"English Sentence and Other Poems":

A mix of poems, both funny and sad, on a range of themes - writing that often becomes mired in cliches, a woman who wakes up one morning and finds herself without a face and words that find their way into the mouths of ornamental fish.