Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.00 p.m.
Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity and Loop Quantum Black Holes

Andrew DeBenedictis
Simon Fraser University, and The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Vancouver, Canada.


The gravitational field as described by general relativity has thus far eluded attempts at full quantisation, unlike the other major fields of physics. One avenue for the potential quantisation of gravity is given by loop quantum gravity. This talk will introduce the development and implementation of the loop quantum gravity paradigm and some of its predictions. What emerges is a theory of "quantum geometry" (a quantum counter-part to the "classical geometry" of general relativity) which respects the symmetries of general relativity. This will be followed by a discussion of some of the theory's predictions and some of our work regarding loop quantum black holes. Specifically, black hole entropy and the resolution of the classical singularities are discussed.