Chennai Mathematical Institute


2.30 PM to 3.15 PM and 3.30 PM to 4.15 PM
Quantum Chaos: Origins and Developments

Steve Tomsovic
Washington State University, U.S.A.


Over the previous century, a number of seemingly disparate developments gelled into a loose, amorphous, interconnected body of work that has come to be known in shorthand as the field of quantum chaos. From my personal perspective the origins and early developments of quantum chaos are reviewed, mentioning interrelations amongst various cornerstones along the way. The field is not defined in a traditional way by a particular class of physical systems, but rather by a body of problems amenable to theoretical techniques involving semiclassical methods, statistical methods such as random matrix theory, and certain field theories that cut across a wide variety of traditionally organized subjects. Work can be found in low energy nuclear physics, physical chemistry, mesoscopic and condensed matter physics, wave physics such as acoustics and optics, ultra-cold atomic physics, high energy physics, dynamical tunneling problems, fidelity studies, and more. I will discuss some of the work in which I have been involved.