Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 p.m.
Is Einstein's Gravity Attractive?

R. Parthasarathy
Chennai Mathematical Institute.


In this talk, I will review the Einsten's equations for a matter-free space and the Schwarzschild solution. I will explain that the Einsten equations by themselves do not give gravitational attraction. One then invokes the Positive Mass Theorem which was proved by Schoen and Yau. The positivity of the ADM mass ensures gravitational attraction. This important theorem will be explained for asymptotically flat spaces. The importance of ``horizon' will be stressed.

The existence of horizon then will be shown to set the 'Arrow of Time', an important issue.'

The talk is intended to reach undergraduate students in Physics and Mathematics, though the graduate students will find it useful and interesting. Mathematicians can appreciate how the theorem of Schoen and Yau play a crucial role in physics!!