Chennai Mathematical Institute


3.30 p.m.

Dr.'Ghatam' S. Karthick



There will be a Lecture accompanied by performance on percussion instruments entitled ``LAYA VADYAS (Percussion Instruments) - THEIR ROLE IN A CARNATIC CONCERT'' by Dr.'Ghatam' S. Karthick on Wednesday, 5 August 2009 at 3.30 p.m. at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Points that would be elaborated - Know more about these Instruments; The approach of our musical systems. Concept of Melody and Rhythm; Improvisations / Spontaneity ; Mode and Method of Accompanying to various types of Compositions;Concepts like Take off points , Eda Keetanaigal. Aspects of Manodharmam like Extempore, Improvisation, Gaps Playing of R.T.P. - Trikaalam; Sound Sense depending on Hall's nature; Artiste Sense and Acoustic sense- Mood and Occassion Adaptation to various Styles of artistes; Problems on and off stage Tani Avartanam - Duration/ Tradition Request to audience - How to appreciate Rhythm and Tani Avartanam? Thekka and Sarvalaghu - Nadai variations Light songs Upavadyams - their Role - It would be an interactive session

DR. Karthick would be supported by 3 other artistes playing the Mridangam, Kanjira and Morsing. He himself will be playing the Ghatam and doing the Konnakol (Verbal Percussion). --------------------------------------- Dr. `Ghatam' KARTHICK Dr. `Ghatam' KARTHICK is one of the shining star artistes on his captivating clay pot instrument. His creative originality, distinct stage-presence, vibrant virtuosity, nimble fingers and a nimbler mind have all made him a most sought after percussionist in Indian Classical Carnatic Music.

Dr. `Ghatam' Karthick has shared the stage with almost all top artists of the day and has been featured in many respected festivals and many recordings. A prime disciple of Grammy Award winning Ghatam Maestro, Padmasri Sri.T.H. Vikku Vinayakram and Ghatam Wizard Sri. T.H.Subash Chandran, Dr. Karthick has travelled and performed all over the world with his wonder pot even in various prestigious venues like United.

Dr. `Ghatam' Karthick leads the Heartbeat Ensemble, a rhythmic extravaganza, highlighting the fine art of improvisation. Press and public all over the world have exceptionally acclaimed the Heartbeat Ensemble.

Dr. `Ghatam' Karthick features frequently as one of the most in-demand percussionists in the Indian film industry for top film composers like Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman and others.

Dr. `Ghatam' Karthick also collaborates with international artistes and always diversified himself in any innovative ventures resulting in novel concepts in various genres of musical settings such as jazz music and fusion music.

As an illustrious student of RKM Vivekananda College, Karthick holds a M.A, M.Phil and PhD majoring in Sanskrit and also has M.A. in Indian Music from the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras.

Dr. `Ghatam' Karthick has given articulate lecture-demonstrations and conducted many outreach events and interactive workshops at various institutions in India & abroad. Karthick has been a recipient of many Titles, Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards. All these facets have earned him a special endearing status in the hearts of musical enthusiasts. -------------------