Chennai Mathematical Institute


Vortex methods for 2D incompressible fluid flow simulations
Prabhu Ramachandran
Dept of Aerospace Engg, IIT Madras.


Vortex methods are a class of grid-free numerical techniques used to simulate fluid flow. In this talk, we introduce vortex methods as a means to simulate two-dimensional, incompressible, viscous, fluid flows. The theoretical underpinnings of the method are presented with an emphasis on the Random Vortex Method (RVM). Some of the important computational issues and algorithms involved in these methods are discussed. These include the panel method, the fast multipole method and random walks in the presence of complex geometries. We present several high-resolution numerical simulations, obtained using the RVM, for the flow past an impulsively started circular cylinder. The special advantages of vortex methods are brought out by means of a wide range of fluid flow simulations in the presence of complex geometries.